Cleanup in Aisle 6!


Well it’s time to do some spring cleaning in the bandshed (a curious thing in January).  A new AV Linux is on it’s way and it’s time to lighten the load on the poor web host and remove much of the stuff from AV Linux 6. Also the old FTP sites will be taken down and content moved over to the new WordPress site, expect things to be in a transitional mess for a few days. Better go get the mop.

3 thoughts on “Cleanup in Aisle 6!

    1. J ALBAN,

      Unfortunately Kdenlive is a product of it’s source code so if it’s rough in UbStu it probably will be in Debian (which AV Linux will use for Kdenlive packaging) as well, my experience with it personally is with KDE5 it has never looked better and more pro but I also am experiencing far more crashes than with the older 0.9.10 version.

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