4 thoughts on “AV Linux 2017.4.9 Released!

  1. Hi,

    For french people like me (nobody is perfect), I want to make an very important announcement.
    I think of my “québécois”, “suisses”, and “belges” friends (and maybe ‘”africains”).

    Here is the passwords (mots de passe) to access to AVLinux with an AZERTY keyboard :

    The second password is for root (admin).

    Enjoy (and you can thank me).

    E-Gwen (from France, center of the Universe).

  2. This above rules for the 32Bits version of AVLinux.

    Ceci vaut pour la version 32Bits de AVLinux.

  3. Thanks for keeping AV linux alive. I am helping a friend set it up.

    PS. I won’t hold it against you for being french. My mom was an Irish women growing up in Quebec. I got to hear french when she was not happy with me. But still don’t understand anything. So that makes me an imperfect american I guess.

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