4 thoughts on “AV Linux 2017.4.9 Released!

  1. Hi,

    For french people like me (nobody is perfect), I want to make an very important announcement.
    I think of my “québécois”, “suisses”, and “belges” friends (and maybe ‘”africains”).

    Here is the passwords (mots de passe) to access to AVLinux with an AZERTY keyboard :

    The second password is for root (admin).

    Enjoy (and you can thank me).

    E-Gwen (from France, center of the Universe).

  2. Thanks for keeping AV linux alive. I am helping a friend set it up.

    PS. I won’t hold it against you for being french. My mom was an Irish women growing up in Quebec. I got to hear french when she was not happy with me. But still don’t understand anything. So that makes me an imperfect american I guess.

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