AV Linux 2019.4.10 Released!

AV Linux 2019.4.10 has been released (8 days early!) 😉

This release is basically an update of the ISO that fixes a couple of annoying bugs from the 2018.6.25 release with some notable updates and additions. It will mark the last release based on Debian Stretch and sadly it will also be the last release of the 32bit version. Future AVL development will focus on Debian ‘Buster’ and 64bit only. In the meantime I think this 2019.4.10 version will provide a fast, stable well prepared platform for AV Content creation for quite some time.


Refreshed expired Repository Keys for WineHQ and Spotify.
Updated and Fixed Repositories for New Cinelerra-GG site.
Updated and Synced all Debian and 3rd Party Repos (including KXStudio).
Fixed VBox Guest Additions removal script to allow /etc/rc.local to remain executable and enable Automount of external drives. (thanks korakios)
Fixed missing ‘linvstconverttree’ in LinVST.
Removed some obsoleted udev rules.
Installed and configured new Numix Circle Theme with AVL Customizations.
Updated Mixbus Demo to 5.2.191.
Updated LSP Plugins to 1.1.9.
Updated LinVST to 2.4.3 (now provided and working on 32bit and 64bit ISOs).
Removed redundant ‘ArdourVST’ build on 32bit ISO.
Updated Dragonfly Reverb Plugins to 1.1.2.
Added KPP-Plugins 1.0+GIT
Added AViDemux (very handy Video tool)

New to AV Linux?

Please RTFM: http://bandshed.net/pdf/AVL2019UserManual.pdf

Find it here: http://www.bandshed.net/avlinux/

Best Regards and Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “AV Linux 2019.4.10 Released!

  1. Albert Hall

    Great to have the new AV. Great graphics, great equipment. But this is really a programmers linux. The partitioning has to be done by hand. The Jack server won’t run. There is no sudoers file, no way to add the user name. No Ardour output, no hydrogen server running, no alsa.
    “JackShmReadWritePtr::~JackShmReadWritePtr – Init not done for -1, skipping unlock”.
    Browser streaming impossible. No running picture, no sound.

    Is there any way to get this fixed?

  2. Phyllis Smith

    Congratulations on your new release !! I am somewhat surprised that this is the final 32 bit version, but it makes sense. And on to Buster Debian.

  3. Costas

    Great news! And I am late to the party, still its the 10th today 😛
    Thank you Glen, I have installed ubuntu studio at the moment but will try your new version too. And I thought you said you would be focusing on other things, I guess I must have read that a long time ago.

  4. GMaq Post author


    I regret that you are having some difficulties and I would agree that AV Linux is probably not a ‘first timer’s’ best choice. Most of your questions and concerns are addressed in the User Manual. AV Linux doesn’t use sudo so there is no sudoers file, sudo is not the only method of administrating a Linux system. For other issues I’d encourage you to join the AV Linux forum and I’ll see if we can help with some of your other concerns

  5. GMaq Post author

    Hi Phyllis!

    Many thanks for your message and to you and GG for the continuing excellent work on Cinelerra-GG! My downloads of 32bit AVL are almost down to nothing and unfortunately a lot of source code is no longer regularly compiled and tested on 32bit so I’m becoming concerned for the stability of the applications. It also won’t break my heart to have only one ISO to focus on to be honest…:-)

  6. GMaq Post author


    Ubuntu Studio is also a great project, what’s important is whatever works for the user! It’s true I’m quite busy with other things right now but I wanted to get another solid release out to serve while I catch up on offline things and get planning and testing the next Buster release.

  7. Albert Hall

    Thank you very much for your answer. But as the system answers with “…is not in the sudoers file, this incident will be reported”, it is inviting user to follow that trail…. complications are since avl4 I guess and each one was a reveal before. Similar to the ubuntus, when it started to include propriary adds. KX Studio works for me with the hdsp-card, like ubuntustudio 12.04. but since there are no supports anymore, each time a new one is released, I hope for down-compatibility like linux did, but it ain’t… a way to go become acoustic musician.

    Anyways, some is working, ardour/alsa, hydrogen not, gimp does, firefox stutters. hack: Does debian work with amd? Win7 support will end, no paypal for ardour, things like that. Not compatible at all. Thx and hope out to systems that work.

  8. Resonce

    Thank you very much for your hard work on this! I am a big fan of audio and music playback+production in Linux and I must say that this is a huge tribute to that kind of thing so you really have my gratitude

    I look forward to the day that I would become fully capable to support this project one day!

  9. Paige Stormblade

    rather any one likes or not I promote music and Linux and as a musician my self I like to show off what or how we managed to record it and if its on a Linux that even best. https://www.reverbnation.com/stormblade most of my music was re4 corrected or rerecorded on a linux windows was to much and the resources it liked to pull actually made things worse. I do love the distro though i have to say there is no updates happening as to most of the applications are a bit old and out dated. once this can be completed by letting them update then i think this distro can keep on growing, we all know debian don’t always push out distros until one is fully completed debian 10 was recently released but most people stick to the 9, i have seen system build on the 10 and really lack functions as i would something new to do its more slower and glitchy and it might be that linux the kernel 5 is the problem or the developer who made the distro isn’t much educated on the new stuff or has worked all the bugs out of each item, other then my outlook on linux, this system fits my fancy and I’m hoping to get other musicians to also pick up on using linux to make music from its just simply more cleaner then a windows system recorded track.

  10. Paige Stormblade

    oi i need to reedit this post om lands i was in a hurry

  11. Tom Travers

    GMaq, Maybe I can help you with this. I am the lead developer behind TTOS Linux. I recently ported the build system to become a modular template based build system. The system is capable of building ANY type of OS as long as modules and templates are defined. The build system uses a Calamares installer image to install the OS onto the hard drive using a graphical utility that handles partitions. I currently use this software to make up to date nightly builds all completely automated. If you wish to see what the installer is like, download and install TTOS Linux to a VM. If you are interested in building AV Linux using this build system, contact me and I will help you get setup for it.



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