An independent Enlightened build of MX Linux!

  MXDE-EFL is a custom build of MX Linux with the Enlightenment Desktop Environment. Enlightenment is an interesting alternative Graphical Environment that is based on it’s own EFL framework instead of the traditional Linux GTK and QT toolkits and it is fast, resource-efficient and provides attractive built-in compositing features. MXDE-EFL is an independent project built with the MX Linux development tools but is not an official project or version of MX Linux. MXDE-EFL serves a dual purpose of being both a current build for use under it’s own name and also is a development project to gather data and experience for a potential transition of AV Linux MX Edition from XFCE4 to Enlightenment in a future release. As such it includes many of the same performance tweaks and base configurations of AV Linux with a less specialized and much smaller complement of Audio and Video Applications.


  • 64bit architecture only.
  • Enlightenment 0.25.4.
  • Systemd init highly recommended.
  • Pre-configured ‘MXDE’ Enlightenment Profile with common-sense defaults.
  • Seamless theme integration with GTK and QT Applications.
  • Based on MX Linux 21.2.1 (Debian Bullseye base).
  • Includes the excellent MX Tools and Package Installer.
  • MX Linux ‘AHS’ advanced hardware support.
  • Liquorix Kernel with IRQ-threading enabled.
  • Auxiliary zzzFM File Manager.
  • Customized searchable ‘Appfinder’ Menu.
  • Properly integrated JACK/PulseAudio configuration (No PipeWire!).
  • Support for Windows Audio Apps/Plugins via Wine-Staging, WineASIO, yabridge.
  • Custom Utilities for Wine and yabridge setup.
  • Custom enhanced Audio/Video Packaging included.
  • Extra specialized ‘Open With’ Actions.


MXDE-EFL is a spare time project on top of a spare time project, I have created it for my own use-cases and am sharing it in hope that it may be useful to others. It is recommended for people with an intermediate knowledge of Debian and MX Linux and not really as a first time beginner Distro. Since it is based on MX most of the inner workings of MXDE-EFL will be the same as MX Linux so information on the MX Linux forum will be useful in troubleshooting. Help on a voluntary basis can be found in the MX Respins forum but you must clearly indicate you are using ‘MXDE-EFL’ in your queries.


MXDE-EFL is hosted on my own VPS at my expense, if you find it useful or adopt it as your ‘daily-driver’ OS I respectfully ask if you would consider making a donation to it’s upkeep either here or to the MX Linux parent organization. Surely a few dollars for a well-thought-out Operating System is not unreasonable to offset the time and efforts involved?

Current release: MXDE-EFL 21.3 ‘stEvo’

Bandshed Download Mirror

MD5, SHA256 and GPG signatures are provided for your security.

Retrieve the GPG Key with this command:

gpg --keyserver hkps:// --recv-keys 5DBC090C710C87B3

*MXDE-EFL contains some specialized Custom Packaging of Applications that are not in a Repository at this time. If you need to retrieve or reinstall any of this special Packaging an archived web FTP folder has been provided for your convenience here