An Independent Custom LXDE Build of MX Linux

  MXDE brings the abundant goodness of MX Linux to a lightning-fast LXDE-based configuration for both 32bit and 64bit architectures. MXDE is presented as a finely tuned and curated base system of LXDE blended with zzzFM File Manager in place of the previous PCManFM. This ‘blank slate’ system is intended for Linux Users with intermediate experience to use as a springboard to set up a system dedicated to any task and it comes with minimal applications installed. MXDE shares lineage with AV Linux MX Edition therefore it contains many behind the scenes performance-enhancing tweaks including a pre-configured Wine-Staging environment out of the box. Developers will also enjoy the hand-selected development tools, scripts and compilers. Linux fans who are focused on getting quickly to their applications without the Desktop Environment trying to steal the show should enjoy the unobtrusive speed on systems both old and new. MXDE comes in a 32bit version running on a standard Debian Kernel and also 64bit with a Liquorix Kernel and MX ‘ahs’ Repo support. MXDE is known to the MX Linux developers but at the current time it is an unofficial variant of MX.


  • Light and fast LXDE Desktop Environment
  • Classic Openbox WM presentation without active Desktop
  • zzzFM File Manager in place of PCManFM
  • Many extra zzzFM tweaks: Video thumbnails, Custom theming
  • Extra filesystem support via udevil: exfat, f2fs in addition to the usual filesystem types
  • Handy built-in File Manager Actions
  • System Performance tweaks from AV Linux
  • Ready to use Wine-Staging environment
  • Starter kit for developers with compilers and developer tools



MXDE is a spare time project on top of a spare time project, I have created it for my own use-cases and am sharing it in hope that it may be useful to others. It is recommended for people with an intermediate knowledge of Debian and MX Linux and not really as a first time beginner Distro. Since it is based on MX most of the inner workings of MXDE will be the same as MX Linux so information on the MX Linux forum will be useful in troubleshooting. Help on a voluntary basis can be found in the MX Respins forum but you must clearly indicate you are using ‘MXDE’ in your queries.


MXDE is hosted on my own VPS at my expense, if you find it useful or adopt it as your ‘daily-driver’ OS I respectfully ask if you would consider making a donation to it’s upkeep either here or to the MX Linux parent organization. Surely a few dollars for a well-thought-out Operating System is not unreasonable to offset the time and efforts involved?

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