11 comments on “AV Linux 2016 Released!

  1. Excellent!! Super excited to try this out!! Thank you for all of your hard work. Will definitely seed.

  2. No PulseAudio? No 100% CPU… no nasty bugs that (8 versions later! are still there!

    THANK YOU… THANK YOU so much.

    Now to get my fingers dirty!

  3. Great! Finally! We are making the recording for our band and it seems I know which OS we’ll use!

  4. Excellent, as far as now. Will use it frequently. It is useful for multitasking. Not only music. Even though music is my passion.
    Thanks a lot

  5. I tried to create a bootable usb-stick with unetbootin. But it can’t finish the copy process (stucks at 98%). In the AVL-Manual it’s said:
    “Bootable USB Keys can be created with the Bootable USB Disk Tool found in the AV Linux Assistant”
    I cannot find this tool here… Where is that “AV Linux Assistant”?

  6. Hi,
    Unetbootin can take 10-15 minutes to fully copy the ISO image and your USB key needs to be at least 4Gb. The AV Linux Assistant is found in the ‘System’ menu of AV Linux.

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