AV Linux 2016 Released!

Hi AVL’ers!!

My heartfelt thanks for your patience and support, After more than a year of simmering on the back burner AV Linux 2016 is here!

AVL 2016 is so completely different from it’s predecessor that I hesitate to call this an Alpha or Beta release, it is simply an ‘Initial’ release, and there will be much to be learned from it. I’m hoping as users you will be patient and tolerant as the new version finds it’s legs and I will be depending on your feedback and sharing your experiences to help others.


If you haven’t seen the new AV Linux User Manual yet I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to read it first. There are 84 illustrated pages of FAQ’s and important Operational details that have taken many hours of my time in an effort to save many hours of yours… The User Manual is also a part of AV Linux and can be found in the ‘Accessories’ Menu. So please take the time to read it! Many thanks to all of the volunteer proofreaders who invested their precious time for corrections, the existing manual is a snapshot and will see further review and correction in the future.

User Manual: http://bandshed.net/pdf/AVL2016.3UserManual.pdf


First of all there have been some pre-release donations in anticipation of AV Linux 2016, my sincere thanks to those who donated for your generosity, confidence and support!

These people and organizations have been very helpful in the development of AV Linux 2016:

The Debian/GNU Linux Testing Distribution
Krisztian Kende – Systemback
Trulan Martin – RT Kernels
Allen Tate – Torrents
Anahata, James Lawrie – Bytemark Mirror
Robin Gareus – linuxaudio.org Mirror
Tony Brijeski – Yad/Zenity Scripts
RockHopper – H2 and SFZ Thunar Custom Actions
XFCE4 Team
Filipe Coelho – KXStudio Repositories
Paul Davis, Robin Gareus, Ben Loftis – Ardour/Mixbus
Conor McCormack – libremusicproduction.com
Proofreaders and Torrent Seeders


Nobody’s perfect and that goes double for me 😀 . Since I uploaded AVL 2016 a couple of minor issues have caught my attention:

Google dropped 32bit support for Chrome so AVL 32bit users can use the latest version included as long as they feel safe doing so and after that you will probably want to use Synaptic to uninstall Chrome and use the AV Linux Assistant ‘Repositories’ button to remove or disable the Google Chrome repository. Thanks Google for being so lame to such a large and still relevant userbase of Linux especially in developing countries… 👿

The optional Liquorix kernel Repository points to a Mirror that has been removed, this will matter only if you want to use Liquorix kernels instead of the default AV Linux RT Kernel. To fix this you will need to edit /etc/apt/sources.list as Root and change the Liquorix repo URL to the one shown here: https://liquorix.net/#install

Probably thousands more to be added…


This project is in need of donations to help out-of-pocket costs and more importantly to offset at least a small portion of the time I’ve invested in both maintaining AVL and documenting it. Donations do not have to be a large amount of money, many people donating a few dollars can make a huge difference. Donations beyond a certain level are shared upstream for kernel development and to help KXStudio as well as other projects AVL relies on. Help is desperately needed on the forum to support users, my daily time is often limited and being the only person to answer user queries is an impossible task, if you are experienced with Debian SysAdmin or with Linux Audio your help is needed, as with donations a small amount of experienced AVL users willing to answer a question or two everyday can make a huge difference and make the forum a valuable resource.


Ok, first you need to be aware that AVL 2016 requires a Login, so make note of this… Hint… the Login info is hidden in the ISO Filename as well.

64bit – Username: isotester Password: avl64
32bit – Username: isotester Password: avl32
*Root Accounts are not accessible on the LiveISO for security reasons.

All download links are found on the AV Linux site, PLEASE prefer torrents and Mirrors whenever possible and be aware that the Bandshed ISO FTP has very limited bandwidth, if there is too much sudden traffic they will disable the server which will not only kill downloads it will take the website and forum offline as well!

GO GET IT! : http://www.bandshed.net/avlinux/

11 thoughts on “AV Linux 2016 Released!

  1. Crea

    Excellent!! Super excited to try this out!! Thank you for all of your hard work. Will definitely seed.

  2. And

    Beautiful! I’ll do my first donation. God bless you!

  3. Marc

    No PulseAudio? No 100% CPU… no nasty bugs that (8 versions later! are still there!

    THANK YOU… THANK YOU so much.

    Now to get my fingers dirty!

  4. aDA

    Great! Finally! We are making the recording for our band and it seems I know which OS we’ll use!

  5. Sea

    Excellent, as far as now. Will use it frequently. It is useful for multitasking. Not only music. Even though music is my passion.
    Thanks a lot

  6. jiff 41

    This is great, Finding great new things all the time!.

  7. Chris

    I tried to create a bootable usb-stick with unetbootin. But it can’t finish the copy process (stucks at 98%). In the AVL-Manual it’s said:
    “Bootable USB Keys can be created with the Bootable USB Disk Tool found in the AV Linux Assistant”
    I cannot find this tool here… Where is that “AV Linux Assistant”?

  8. GMaq Post author

    Unetbootin can take 10-15 minutes to fully copy the ISO image and your USB key needs to be at least 4Gb. The AV Linux Assistant is found in the ‘System’ menu of AV Linux.

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