7 comments on “AV Linux 2018.6.25 ISO Update with UEFI Fixes Released!

  1. Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Glenn! Happy Birthay to You! (now where is my autotune at?)

    James McCanna

  2. Happy Birthday Master !
    Greetings from a place Close to Teotihuacan
    Im only a simply Debian Fan and nostalgic from LP records.
    Regards !

  3. Hey Glen,

    I only saw this now, after being on holiday and such. So happy birthday first, and thanks again for everything you’re doing for the free software creative bunch! Really appreciated, man!

    All the best from sunny Germany,

  4. happy birthday… my 50th was a year ago…. thanx to your great worx ……we are a world famliy–everyone —–in peace

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