AV Linux


AV Linux is NOT an actual Linux ‘Distribution’ in the proper sense, mainline Distributions are large organizations which have full development teams and support infrastructure (ie Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE etc.). AV Linux is a niche project maintained by a single developer derived from the Debian/GNU Linux “Testing” Distribution which is utilized to create a independent, focused and specialized platform for Multimedia Content Creation using Linux. It is made available as a freely shared 32 and 64bit downloadable and installable ISO Image created from a carefully pre-configured snapshot.  AV Linux is essentially a collected and combined showcase of the phenomenal work of Open-Source and Commercial Audio developers from all over the planet and celebrates and presents their work organized in an easy-to-use fashion. In addition to a hardware-friendly efficient XFCE4 Desktop a low-latency Audio environment is provided with a custom ‘RT’ kernel and JACK Audio Connection Kit. Are you a Linux developer? A full, robust development suite is included for software developers and the leading Audio/Video/Graphics applications are included or available for installation from the Debian or included KXStudio software repositories.


Read All About It:

Before downloading AV Linux it is essential to read it’s User Manual, Most FAQ’s and many specific operational details including Installation are covered in it’s 87 illustrated pages. The User Manual is also included within AV Linux and can be found in the ‘Accessories’ Menu.

AV Linux 2017 User Manual

Important Info!

– AV Linux uses Systemback as an installation method and therefore inherits it’s limitations, at the current time UEFI boot is only possible with 64bit and is not fully implemented, GPT partition tables are also not supported yet so AV Linux will only install on computers that have MSDOS partition tables and the ability to disable UEFI or select  a ‘legacy boot’ option.
– The AV Linux LiveISO will also automatically mount hard drive partitions for Read/Write Access, this is not malicious in nature it is simply a convenience feature to facilitate accessing media files to demo with the Audio/Video Applications, a side benefit is it also makes AV Linux a very useful tool for data rescue. After evaluating the AV Linux LiveISO  you may want to check and reset the permissions of your hard drive partitions if you do not proceed with an install.


Distribution of the AV Linux ISO files would not be possible without the generous assistance of the following people: Allen Tate, Anahata, James Lawrie and Robin Gareus.

FTP Mirrors:

linuxaudio.org Mirror

*Hosting provided by the Virginia Tech Department of Music

Bytemark Mirror

*Hosting provided by Bytemark

Bandshed FTP (Limited Bandwidth!):

Bandshed ISO FTP

ISO Login Username and Passwords:

64bit – Username: isotester Password: avl64 Root Password: avl64admin

32bit – Username: isotester Password: avl32 Root Password: avl32admin

 *It is important to note that AV Linux is not a commercial product and is maintained simply out of the love of doing it, as a spare time project it comes with absolutely no guarantees to see consistent or future development or to be anything other than what is described here.