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  1. Funny, abGate doesn’t display the GUI in Ardour as well. I don’t remember that problem happening in the RC1 ISO.

  2. Hi Rodney!

    You may notice that both EQ10Q and abGate have not been updated for quite some time and both have GTK-based (or GTK related UI’s). The Ardour developers have no interest in fixing these issues by 3rd party plugin developers especially of older plugins and for years have urged Plugin developers to stop using Desktop toolkits so I don’t foresee a fix until the Plugin developers change how they ‘draw’ their UI’s.

  3. I Love AV Linux 2020 ! have been using AV Linux since 5.0.2 and so far this is the best ever . I am glad you explained “why is it so big?” part 2 and provided an easy solution Thank you again for all your work on this wonderful project.


  4. Hi,

    I am able to F12 boot a USB drive created using your excellent manual and a Lubuntu Ermine USB key to get UnetBootin which is unsupported by Debian, and am able to use it to explore AVLinux2020, however I would like to install it on my hard disk.

    Unfortunately I am continually falling foul of Secure Boot violations when trying to set this up in a multi-boot environment on the same disk, different partition, as Debian 10 using rEFInd as the boot manager.

    My laptop has no way of disabling ‘Secure Boot’ in the F2 BIOS settings – Phoenix Technologies Secure Boot V1.02, so unfortunately I am stuck with that.

    Even using the rEFInd ‘fallback boot’ from the AVLinux USB key causes Secure Boot violations and promptly shuts the laptop down (power off).

    The rEFInd MOK (Machine Owner Key) utility is asking for files with extension .cer, .der (public key files), and .crt (certificate file) so that it can incorporate them into the secure boot process. These files are apparently issued by the distro’s author, and the boot process cannot be ‘fudged’.

    Are you able to supply some or all of these files in your download section so that I may use them to install your very interesting looking distribution, to my hard disk.

    Thanking you in anticipation

    Kind regards


  5. Hi GMaq,

    GVSTs provided in the “avlinux-extra-plugins-dist” are a little old.

    Packaged version release date – 24-04-15
    Updated plugins release date – 02-08-16

    Kindly update them. Here’s the link –


    I am not updating them manually because you are nicely providing them in a package. Any manual intervention might break the package. 🙂

  6. Hi GMaq,

    I wanted to install new mpv for smooth av1 playback. In the process, i added the following repository :-
    for ubuntu bionic. After adding, as expected the current mpv in synaptic was shown as problematic so i decided to remove it. On removal, it asked to remove “avlinux-thunar-custom-action-scripts” package too. I tried to uninstall old mpv without removing this package and succeeded but then on new mpv installation action, it asked me to remove the package. I did use “Clean apt package cache” a few times before this so couldn’t find the deb file. So i removed it and just at that moment totally forgot that these were the helper scripts in the thunar right click menu.
    Please upload the deb package for “avlinux-thunar-custom-action-scripts” . Thank you 🙂

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