AV Linux 23.1 “Enlightened” Released!

After many months of behind the scenes development and a series of new features and changes AV Linux MX Edition (aka AVL-MXe) 23.1 “Enlightened” has been released! This release moves platforms from MX-21/Debian 11 “Bullseye” to MX-23/Debian 12 “Bookworm”. With the new platform comes a major move to the Enlightenment Desktop Environment (0.25.4) and a completely new Audio system (PipeWire 1.0.0) because of the sheer amount and depth of the changes there is no repository upgrade path from AV Linux 21.3 and this new version will require a fresh install. As with prior releases the MX Linux development team, specifically dolphin_oracle, Melber, Stevo and timkb4cq have been extremely helpful with build system support, a PipeWire metadata UI and extra multimedia packaging and that has been very much appreciated! The ISO has grown to 5.2Gb since the last release, Kernels are bigger than ever, additional bundled applications and more Plugin binaries all compete for ISO real estate. AVL-MXe 23.1 has an embarrassment of content riches (look around and compare) but it is in no way ‘bloated”.

*NOTE – An updated and revised ISO “20240120” has been uploaded addressing 2 issues: Enlightenment packagekit updater replaced with MX’s ‘apt-notifier’. PulseAudio Volume Control (pavucontrol) added to expose PipeWire’s Pro Audio profiles. Also Muse Sound Manager was added for MuseScore.. If you’ve already downloaded and installed the initial ISO then you can fix the Package updating issue with the info in this forum post:


You can install ‘pavucontrol’ through the Package Manager and the Muse Sound Manager is available here

System Highlights:

  • MX-23/Debian 12 “Bookworm” base
  • Liquorix 6.6.9 Kernel
  • Enlightenment 0.25.4 Desktop Environment (new!)
  • PipeWire 1.0.0 (new!)
  • Choice of systemd or sysvinit (once installed)
  • MX Tools and AV Linux Utilities

Application Highlights:

  • Ardour 8.2.5 (official supported bundled binary)
  • Audacity 3.4.0
  • AviDemux 2.8.1
  • Blender 4.0.2
  • Cinelerra 20231230
  • Harrison Mixbus 32C 9.2.172 (demo version)
  • Hydrogen 1.2.0
  • Kdenlive 23.08.4
  • Musescore 4
  • Openshot 3.1.1
  • Reaper 7.07 (demo version)
  • Over 1000 FLOSS and Commercial Demo Audio Plugins!
  • Many more + upgrades available in the MX-Test Repository!
  • Uninstaller to remove Demo applications if not wanted..

An 87 minute Tutorial Video has been prepared for your convenience, I confidently predict that spending time with the Video tutorial will easily offset the initial viewing time and reap huge time savings to get you set up and working productively with insights into special features and how AVL-MXe differs from it’s contemporaries.



Downloads are available on the AVL-MXe Webpage on my VPS and the donated Bytemark mirror (thanks to anahata). If you install AV Linux and use it for daily production donations and subscriptions to either AVL-MXe or the MX Linux organization are encouraged. Countless hours have been put into preparing and curating this release!

AVL-MXe Website