AV Linux MX Edition

MX Linux Customized, Molded and Shaped for Content Creators..

The multimedia content-creation focus AV Linux has provided since 2008 is now combined with the powerful versatility of MX Linux! AV Linux MX Edition comes with a high-performance Liquorix Kernel, the light and configurable Openbox Window Manager and the efficient yet full-featured XFCE4 Desktop Environment. In addition are a whole host of useful tools including the venerable ‘MX-Tools’ paired with the convenience of the ‘AVL-MXE Assistant’. This system is tuned out of the box for fast low-latency Audio performance, seamless JACK/PulseAudio integration and optional support for Windows Audio and Plugin applications through Wine-Staging. Currently AV Linux MX Edition is recognized by MX Linux and utilizes its Build tools and Packaging but is not an official MX Linux product.


To learn more about AV Linux MX-21 Edition it is highly recommended to read it’s comprehensive User Manual here


Downloads are provided on my own VPS with extra mirrors generously provided by linuxaudio.org and Bytemark. ISO files with accompanying MD5, SHA256 and SIG files are all provided for security verification. The previously available 32bit ISOs have been discontinued due to lack of demand and upstream vendor support. AV Linux MX-21 Edition is only available in 64bit architecture with MX ‘AHS’ (Advanced Hardware Support).

AV Linux MX Edition is provided free of charge and is fully functional (except for included 3rd party Software Demos). It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to develop and maintain such a specialized Operating System and these efforts all have associated costs both monetary and otherwise. If you use AV Linux MX Edition regularly I would ask you to consider making a donation here or to the MX Linux parent organization in recognition of the costs involved. People doing content production regularly purchase various Add-ons, Plugins and other Applications in the course of their work, I would ask you to give the same consideration to the Operating System that hosts them. Thanks!

Retrieve the AV Linux GPG Key with this command:

gpg --keyserver hkps://keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 0xDF1084F762F14A43

Or ‘Save As’ GPG key here

Bandshed Download Mirror

Linuxaudio Download Mirror

Bytemark Download Mirror

Current Release: AV Linux MX-21.1 “Consciousness”

If needed the Live Media password is ‘demo’


This is a spare time project, it has been maintained since 2008 when time and resources are available, I cannot commit to full time daily support and as such there is no dedicated User Forum. Most common questions are covered in the User Manual linked above and when time allows I can be found in the MX Linux Respins sub-forum and in the Linuxmusicians Distribution sub-forum. Help is always needed and wanted for existing Users of AV Linux MX-21 Edition to assist other Users.