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Well it’s time to do some spring cleaning in the bandshed (a curious thing in January).  A new AV Linux is on it’s way and it’s time to lighten the load on the poor web host and remove much of the stuff from AV Linux 6. Also the old FTP sites will be taken down and content moved over to the new WordPress site, expect things to be in a transitional mess for a few days. Better go get the mop.

Hey there!

Well I thought maybe it was time I got hip to using WordPress, hmmm maybe next I’ll set up a MySpace page… OMG I’m like so 2005! Anyway I’m sure it will take a bit of awkward fumbling to get used to how it works but hopefully this will be a more streamlined way to maintain a web presence for the various bandshed-related projects… I can already see that I should have done this years ago, like maybe back in 2005.