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This is a difficult post to make but it’s time…

As some may have noticed I hadn’t been on the AV Linux forum much since the April release of 2019.. There were many reasons for this but what it mostly boiled down to is prioritization of time. I wasn’t able to maintain the forum consistently on a daily basis, some days I had plenty of time and just as often it was difficult to be there more than once a week. On a personal level the last 2 years have brought a lot of major changes, some good and some bad… among them the end of a 27 year marriage and everything that accompanies a major life change like that. I am still processing priorities for myself, my kids and my business. This is in no way the sole cause or an excuse, but it is a factor in what is going on. I want to be crystal clear, nobody needs to feel sorry for me, I have my health, a comfortable living and supportive friends and family so this isn’t a scenario of “his life went down the toilet”. It’s more a situation of “if you’re going to do something, do it right” and the way the forum was serving the members wasn’t good enough for you (or me), so it was time for a change.

I’ve never been a “software guy”, I don’t write code and I can barely pull off a bash script without screwing it up 27 times before getting it to work. Music has always been my passion in life and when I discovered Linux and it’s Audio community back in 2006 or so I was very inspired to give back what had so generously been given to me by the hundreds of talented developers created the apps I was using so I learned how to make a tweaked Linux Audio system I could use and then I learned to duplicate it… That’s probably where this story should have ended because beyond that I probably have NONE of the skills, talents and educational prerequisites to properly and effectively administrate and support a Computer Operating System…lol

More than 10 years of time, hard work and the help and support of exceedingly kind and generous people have helped AV Linux become a “thing”… a thing that some people like, and a thing that some people dislike…lol. If something becomes a thing, then there is an implied need for accountability for and if people are using it and even donating to it a feeling of responsibility to provide some sort of support service. When I started including the User Manual with AV Linux I hoped that would stem much of the forum traffic since I’ve always felt somewhat inadequate and stupid as a forum administrator that could truthfully answer about 3 out of 10 user questions.. The Manual has received a lot of positive attention and I’m grateful for that but there was still need for a forum and I tried to do my best to juggle other priorities and be present on it. I will be eternally grateful for the AV Linux forum members that donated their time and expertise to the forum and greatly assisted both myself and other Users. The truth is we didn’t have a large enough and active enough community here for me to keep the forum up and personally be on it so inconsistently. The online world we participate in today is not a hospitable environment to projects that are not being vigilant about security issues so I made the difficult but necessary decision to pull the plug on the Forum.

Don’t stop reading yet!!

AV Linux itself will continue as long as I continue to create music with Linux Audio, however with the closure of the forum I am also divesting myself of any responsibility of timelines or hollow promises about WHEN new versions will come out… however NEW VERSIONS WILL CONTINUE when I have such time and need to release them and the User Manual will also continue to be improved and added to. The AVL Drumkits will also continue to be worked on and improved and I already have plans to expand the line with a vastly improved hand percussion set and new small TAMA Bop Kit. The AV Linux Kernel Repository will also continue as long as Trulan wants to do kernel work for AV Linux but he, like myself is busy with his life and family and has the freedom to retire whenever he feels the urge to do so.

I’m sure this will disappoint some people, good people that have hung on and hung out on the forum for many years already. How things had become was also disappointing… disappointing to new Users and people who don’t understand that a project like AV Linux is not a large Distro entity like Ubuntu or Fedora so they showed up expecting a vibrant community, a friendly hello and an answer to their questions only to be greeted with silence or even worse a single Administrator who may not have the answer. It didn’t serve the project, it’s Users or satisfy my personal sense of propriety to keep going like that.

I can not be more humbled that people have taken time to try, install and use AV Linux and then joined the forum community. As I’ve said before the members that have contributed ideas, code, suggested improvements (and most importantly answered those 7 out of 10 questions I failed on) have my sincerest gratitude, Thank you so much!!

The AV Linux forum was archived for information purposes and depending on future support needs other AV Linux support options that don’t require my daily presence are being looked into.

All the best and thanks very much for your attention and understanding..