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  1. So excited to see ongoing development on this. Eager to give it a spin, and thank you 🙂

  2. In this new version of AVLinux, do the CALF plugins work too? Currently I use Elementary 5.1, with it all the CALF plugins do work for it, both in Audacity and in Ardour.
    Greetings and thanks from Mexico.

  3. Hi,

    Yes, the Calf Plugins have always been in AV Linux and have always been working to my knowledge. I have personally not tested them in Audacity though..

  4. Live login, simply doesn’t work for me. Type in suggested username and password, and it just goes round, but never logs in. Simply gave up. Shouldn’t need password just for live trying out the distro. Looks nice though.

  5. Hi,

    Sorry you’re having difficulty but I can assure you live login works as we have many successful installs already, Are you using a non-English keyboard or is your caps lock on? The reason there is a login is because the “Systemback” utility that is used to create the ISO images and to install the images to a computer is set up to require login.

  6. I agree with the above Shadowbass coments had the same problem in trying to login to a live session. Surely if you want user to view, try and probable install the OS, the log-in to a Live session should be straight forward. For a user like myself with little Linux experience it’s too difficult to use.

  7. Sorry if this has been asked before (just came across your site today!), but have you done any tweaks to improve quality of audio playback in your distro? I’m not sure if my ears are playing tricks on me, but music playback sounds better on your live ISO vs my current system (Fedora 32) – and that’s after I’ve modified the Pulseaudio Daemon per the various ‘improve linux audio’ guides out there. I didn’t see any tweaks in your Pulseaudio Daemon so wondering if there’s anything you’re doing on AVL that I could be doing on my current distro?? Or am i just imagining things? lol

  8. Hi,

    I’m a bit puzzled by this issue and can’t reproduce it here, so a few questions..? Did you download the AV Linux ISO from one of the mirrors on this site? Are you using ‘isotester’ for the username and ‘avl64’ for the password? Are you certain you don’t have caps lock on or using a non-English keyboard?

  9. Hi,

    AV Linux is tweaked for Audio performance and has a full RT Preempt kernel as well as customizations to make JACK and PulseAudio work together seamlessly but as far as the sound servers themselves there are no tweaks or customized configs. To be honest I can’t give a reason why Audio would sound better on one distro or the other..

  10. GMaq, After reading through all the comments and double checking my username and password entries, i finally are in and now the testing begins. First impressions very complex and far to many packages installed, many I would never use but I’ll give it ago. Thanks for your help.

  11. Hi GMaq,

    Systemback installer now see my NVMe SSD. Installer works fine. System is snappy as always. 🙂

  12. Too bad. After two years Hydrogen beta 2 released just a few days before you released this version. Unfortunately it did not make it to this release of AV Linux.

    Nevertheless, thank you very much for your steady, rock solid work.

    Just to comment the above posts: I haven’t had any problems logging in. Tested live ISO with KVM virtual machine.

  13. Hi, tons of thanks for the awsome distro which I have been interested for quite a many years!
    I want to donate to you,but I find only one way to do so (paypal,which is not convinient in my country) , so I suggest you that add a new method to pay , both WECHAT PAY or Alipay are good!
    thanks again!

  14. hello.
    this all looks great! following the manual it says i should be able to add carla as a plugin within ardour. but its not showing up. what am i missing? tried from live system and installed. everything else working fine. thanks

  15. oh got it. my bad……. “it can be loaded into a channel strip” I was trying to load it as a track. rtfm

  16. Systemback installer did not work for UFEI install. Its not greyed out and the option for EFI is not there. Does it have something to do with the name in the corner is edmond broke and not the same as the AV manual working version ?

  17. Hi,

    First of all Thanks a lot for the new release!.

    I have been using AVlinux for quite some time now with my RME Multiface I but on this release the HDSPMixer is not available anymore so I have no sound. Could you please point me in the right direction?

    Appreciate your time, many thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing from you!


  18. Hi,

    The RME Mixer interface is in the ‘alsa-tools-gui’ package that you can install from Synaptic. I used to have it in older versions of AV Linux but it generates several outdated looking multimedia menu entries for hardware that is getting pretty old these days (even if it still works good) so I removed it from AVL 2020..

  19. Hi,

    The ‘edmond’ name in Systemback is because we are using a newer fork of Systemback that supports NVMe drives, it still works the same with UEFI installs. Did you follow the UEFI installation instructions in the User manual?

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