AV Linux 2020.5.10 ISO fix Released!

AV Linux 2020.5.10 RELEASE NOTES!


  A month has passed since AV Linux 2020.4.10 was released and although it was a very well received release (Donald Trump reportedly said it was “tremendous” with “all of the best people” involved!) it was plagued by a rather annoying bug in “Systemback” (the application used to create the ISO image and install to the Users system). Systemback is currently unmaintained but it was independently forked to add support for installing to NVMe drives and this fork had a bug in it which caused the AV Linux installs to be twice the size they should be. Two people deserve thanks for getting this situation remedied.. Dan Kinzelman for the bug report and Franco Conidi (the developer of the forked Systemback version) for responding to my out-of-the-blue request to fix it.

OK, Wait.. Glen I just installed 2020.4.10 and set it up how I want!!?? You’re a jerk and AV Linux sucks!!!

Well that’s kind of rude, but you have a point so if you’ve installed the 2020.4.10 version please refer to this blog post:


AV Linux 2020.5.10 Changelog:

– Systemback issue with installs being double the size fixed!
– Moved to 5.4.28 lowlatency Kernel as default (Virtualbox 6.1 does not like RT Kernels)
*note the RT Kernel is of course available in Synaptic for those who prefer it post-install.
– AV Linux Assistant typo fixes and switched to xfce4-terminal for scripts.
– Added button to AVL Assistant to disable Touchpads having mouse behaviour.
– Updates and clarifications in the User Manual.
*See the Flatpak Commands (Page 114) section to avoid dealing with that horrible GTK3 frontend!
– Switched ‘EQ10Q’ Plugins to the developers binaries for Ardour compatibility.

AV Linux 2020.5.10 Not Fixed:

– Rare issue of PulseAudio not starting, it is a much bigger issue than AV Linux with no clear cause.
– UEFI Installs… On many UEFI Systems installation works as expected – some don’t *shrugs.. I can’t fix this.
– NVMe Installs… Many NVMe users have been able to install successfully – some haven’t… Again, I can’t fix this.
– No update of Hydrogen to Beta2, it doesn’t compile for me and it’s packaging script also fails. I used to go down these rabbit holes, I don’t any more…;-)

Before Downloading AV Linux 2020.5.10:

Please RTFM!!: http://www.bandshed.net/pdf/AVL2020UserManual.pdf
Please install from a Live Session, not from the Boot Screen Install prompt!
Please use Unetbootin to create bootable USB Keys!!

Download from the AV Linux webpage… If you find it great, please donate! If you find it good tell the neighborhood!! If it doesn’t work… well maybe you can just keep that to yourself and quietly ask for help here: https://linuxmusicians.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=21286

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