AVL-MXE 21.1 and MXDE Release-a-palooza!


  With the help of the MX developers Adrian, dolphin_oracle, Stevo, timkb4cq (and in a huge way… fehlix!!) I’m happy to provide an updated AV Linux MX Edition ISO synced with MX 21.1 and as a bonus I’m also debuting the new ‘MXDE’ MX + LXDE build which is new base Operating System with all the performance tweaks of AV Linux in a super lean LXDE/zzzFM formulation. These are not Respins they are built from scratch with the phenomenal antiX/MX ISO build system.

AVL-MXE 21.1:

This is NOT a new version of AVL-MXE it is simply an updated ISO with some key bugfixes mostly to the Live System and some minor cosmetic and application updates. If you are using the initial AV Linux MX 21 Edition you don’t need to update, you will get most of the important goodies through the Package Manager. This is merely to keep pace with Debian and MX point releases and to provide new users a fresh way to get on the AVL bus..


  • Fixed threadirqs on Live ISO.
  • Fixed ‘unknown Distro’ boot messages.
  • Fixed improper KDE frontend for Debconf.
  • Improved mimetype handling.
  • Added f2fs support to Thunar.
  • simplified /media mount paths in Thunar
  • Deb Installer in Thunar now uses ‘apt install’ and installs dependencies
  • Fixed GTK2 issues in default Diehard Theme.
  • Added new optional Light Diehard Theme and Icons.
  • Replaced XFCE4-Panel taskbar with docklike plugin
  • New improved Conky
  • Added more commonly used Apps to Openbox Menu ‘Favorites’
  • Updated Cinelerra-GG AppImage
  • Updated ACMT Plugin Demos to latest additions
  • Updated Harrison Mixbus Demo to v8

Get AV Linux 21.1 here: http://www.bandshed.net/avlinux/


MXDE 21.1

Driven by the need for a personalized Bullseye-based 32bit Operating System for an old Dell Inspiron laptop I still use for business and in response to numerous requests over the years for a bare version of AV Linux without all of the software and plugins installed I put together a new system based on my old D.E. flame… LXDE. After experimenting with the default config I came across zzzFM File Manager at the antiX forum and discovered it was also in the MX Test repo and I was blown away at how powerful and configurable it was and with many PM’s back and forth MX developer fehlix set his ingenuity loose and added some incredibly cool extra features obtaining OOTB exfat and f2fs filesystem support via udevil and we re-enabled Video thumbnail support and spruced it up a bit. I would like to mention that the developer of zzzFM ‘skidoo’ was facing some very serious health problems during it’s development and has been out of contact for many months. I say this to acknowledge him and send out a good thought to him and his family and also to reiterate that it is real people from all walks of life sometimes facing some very difficult situations that selflessly provide some of these wonderful applications and services that we use daily without thinking… I think the next time any of us fire up our favorite application or game we should say a quick mental thanks and send them some good vibes (or better yet a donation or some other form of encouragement!)

With all that said MXDE is not a full ready to use Desktop System like Wildflower, it is a lean and mean tuned base that is waiting for you to take it wherever you need it to go… It has it’s own project webpage at bandshed.net and whether you have old 32bit iron or the latest 64bit mobo that requires AHS support MXDE is ready to rawk!

Find it here: http://www.bandshed.net/mxde-a-custom-mx-linux-lxde-build/