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  1. Hi,

    You have great AVL-pages. Propably AVL-drumkits too, but one thing I have been wondering…
    Why you are doing so good pages and drumkit-videos, but you have missed the most important thing.

    I have downloaded all drum soundfonts and AVL-drumkits. Guess what? Something is missing badly!
    Where is the most important thing? The manual how to install them?
    Terminal how to? Synaptic how to? Or what? Do I have to be coder
    or Linux developer that I can get them working in my Ardour.

    Please put the Step by step manual how to do it to your AVL-Drumkit page.
    Thank You!


  2. Hi,

    Not really appreciating the sarcasm…

    The ‘libraries’ (H2, SFZ, Soundfont2) don’t require any installation, just download them and unzip their folders on your system. As an example you download and unzip them to /home/dude/Music. If you are using Hydrogen you would use Hydrogen to import the library from where you downloaded it on your system, if you’re using Ardour with the Soundfont2 library then you would use a plugin in Ardour (ie a-Fluid Synth) and point the plugin to where you downloaded them.

    Here is an example: http://libremusicproduction.com/tutorials/using-avl-drumkits-fluid-synth-ardour

    The AVL-Drumkits LV2 Plugins are now found in the KXStudio Repositories or are included in the latest AV Linux 2017.4.9.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for your quick response and sorry for delay.

    First of all, I have tried install Redzeppelin drumkits in ubuntu 14.04 and there is ardour 3.5.403~dfsg-3.
    Maby that was the reason why I didn’t get it work.
    When I open plugins in ardour 3.5.403 / Ubuntu 14.04, I didn’t see any drumkits or drum synths.
    Libremusic example works great with AVL-system, but doesn’t help me with ubuntu 14.04.
    On the other hand, yesterday evening I get Redzeppelin drumkit fonts working with
    Swami 2.0. in ubuntu 14.04.

    Red Zeppelin kit sounds Really Good!



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